Infinitely reusable with any blend, the only Nespresso® and Dolce Gusto®  compatible capsules you'll never throw away.

Choose your own coffee

It’s time for all coffee lovers to turn a simple and small action, our everyday coffees, in a green, environmentally and eco-friendly positive habit.

By using the refillable and reusable ECOLOGICAPS capsules, you will enjoy a truly new coffee experience without harming our planet!

An endless world of possibilities and coffee varieties is now waiting you! Organic coffee, fair trade coffee, you can now choose the coffee you like best.

Let your heart and your taste buds speak!

Better For Your Health

Say goodbye to “furan” in your coffee! A chemical and toxic substance emitted by aluminum capsules.

Made of high quality stainless steel, the ECOLOGICAPS capsule is an exact reproduction of the original capsule thanks to its high-precision moulding.

Our ECOLOGICAPS capsules are refillable and reusable so you can drink as many cups as you like. By filling yourself your capsules, you can save up to 85% compared to the usual single-use, disposable capsules.

For a several coffee drinkers family, it can be up to a 1000 pounds economy per year!

Take care of the planet using ECOLOGICAPS refillable capsule

Pollution caused by the aluminum capsules

Is a tragic and well-kept secret and it has to STOP!

Indeed, only 1 Nespresso® capsule produced out of 5 is recycled.

In 2017, Nestlé has manufactured more than 27 billion Nespresso® capsules, which represents 9800 tons of aluminum waste ... and there is more and more each year!

1150 football stadiums could be covered

with aluminum waste emitted for a year by Nespresso® capsules.

Aluminum capsule waste could encircle the earth 5.3 times!

The inventor of the Nespresso® capsule system, the Dutchman John Sylvan himself, regrets his invention for ecological reasons and refuses to have a Nespresso® machine.

Now it's your turn to play!

We now know that it takes several hundred years for aluminum and plastic waste to decompose... we must STOP it!

Nestlé proudly displays its sustainable development strategy, but this does not stop the environmental pollution: Nespresso® coffee capsules are stacked in our trash can!

You can contribute to the revolution by actively protecting nature by using Ecologicaps stainless steel capsules that can be reused and refilled for life.

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compatible Nespresso capsule

You love the taste of a good coffee?

Is it really a pleasure to get up every day and drink an intense and subtle coffee covered with a thin layer of foam with your favorite Nespresso® machine

There is only one problem...

Are you tired of spending hundreds of pounds in aluminum capsules that are full of toxic substances like Furan which are harmful to our planet?

All these issues are now a thing of the past!

Enjoy the incredible ECOLOGICAPS 100% Eco-friendly compatible capsule for Nespresso® coffee machines that can be refilled and reused for life!

compatible Nespresso capsule

Easy to Use

Made of high quality stainless steel, The ECOLOGICAPS compatible capsule is an exact reproduction of an original capsule thanks to its high-precision moulding.

It slows down the friction between the capsule and the coffee machine.

compatible Nespresso capsule

A simple and healthy way to change our little coffee habits into a 100% green, ecological and eco-friendly way.


By using ECOLOGICAPS, you will save a lot of money while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. Organic coffee, fair trade coffee, you can now choose the one you prefer!

compatible Nespresso capsule

Order you own Ecologicaps Refillable Capsule and enjoy 36% Off today!

  • 100% Ecological
  • Healthcare
  • Money Saver
  • Refillable
  • Lifetime Reusable
  • Nespresso® Machines Compatibility
  • Reusable filter
  • Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 5g coffee
  • Size: 36,7mm*26,9mm*23mm

compatible Nespresso capsule

compatible Nespresso capsule


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1. Always try with an empty capsule first.
2. Fill the capsule with ground coffee, close it and place it in your coffee machine.
3. Press the button and enjoy. 

If there is no coffee flowing out, follow these advices:
Don't press too tight the ground coffee.
Don't use too extra fine ground coffee.
- Do not fill more than 3/4 of the capsule with ground coffee.

If one day the coffee is weaker, please use the brush to clean the lid and try again.